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News Quiz: Test your postal knowledge

Do you know which page helps business customers develop direct mail marketing campaigns?

“News Quiz” is a weekly feature that lets you test your knowledge of recent Link stories. The correct answers appear at the end.

1. Which page lists professional services providers who can assist customers with mailpiece design, printing, preparation and more?

a) Every Door Direct Mail
b) Online Direct Mail Experts
c) All of the above
d) None of the above

2. By shipping popcorn and snacks through Priority Mail, how much is Marcus Theatres generating in new revenue for USPS?

a) $185
b) $1,850
c) $18,500
d) $185,000

3. Fill in the blank: Through Premium Forwarding Service Commercial, customers can use (blank) or (blank) to temporarily forward all mail in bulk to a new domestic business address.

a) First-Class Mail, Media Mail
b) Media Mail, Priority Mail
c) Priority Mail, Priority Mail Express
d) Priority Mail Express, USPS Ground Retail

4. Where in Oklahoma have three generations of the Stokes family worked as postal employees?

a) Norman
b) Stillwater
c) Tulsa
d) Broken Arrow

5. Match the Voices of the Harlem Renaissance stamp subject in Column A with a notable fact about him or her in Column B.

Column A

a) Nella Larsen
b) Alain Locke
c) Arturo Alfonso Schomburg
d) Anne Spencer

Column B

I) First African American Rhodes scholar
II) Honed his passion for history while working on Wall Street
III) Published about 30 poems
IV) Received a Guggenheim Fellowship

Answers: 1) b. 2) d. 3) c. 4) b. 5) a. IV., b. I., c. II., d. III.