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Helping tractor-trailer drivers improve safety

USPS tractor trailer truck.
USPS has introduced a safety form for tractor-trailer drivers.

The Postal Service has introduced PS 4584-T, a form that managers and supervisors can use to help tractor-trailer operators improve their driving behavior and safety.

The form can be accessed on USPS-issued mobile devices through the Informed Mobility Safety Observation Tool (IMSOT).

PS 4584-T is specifically designed for tractor-trailer drivers, who have requirements different from operators of other postal vehicles.

Managers and supervisors can use a desktop computer to enter data from paper PS 4584-T forms into the lMSOT online dashboard. They can also go to the Blue home page, type IMSOT into the URL bar and be taken directly to the tool’s dashboard.

Alternatively, managers and supervisors can use the IMSOT icon on their mobile devices to access the application and enter the data.

IMSOT, which the Postal Service introduced last summer, automates the employee safety observation process for managers and supervisors.

For IMSOT technical assistance, call the USPS Help Desk at 800-877-7435 and say “IMSOT” when prompted.