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Safer workplaces

USPS to improve employee observation process

The Informed Mobility Safety Observation Tool will automate the employee safety observation process for USPS managers and supervisors.

The Postal Service is introducing a tool to help managers and supervisors identify unsafe behaviors in the workplace and to work with employees to correct them.

Current USPS policies require employees to be observed at regular intervals so the organization can ensure they are working safely. These employee observations are currently conducted using paper.

The new Informed Mobility Safety Observation Tool will allow managers and supervisors to use an electronic application to identify employees who are due to be observed. The application will also give managers and supervisors an automated means to record the findings and provide insight into trends or training gaps within their workplaces.

“The key to eliminating accidents and injuries is to modify behavior by observing people as they work and by talking with them to encourage safe work practices and eliminate at-risk behaviors,” said USPS Safety Director Linda DeCarlo.

The tracking and collection of this information will help the Postal Service to analyze the results of the safety observations to better understand strengths, gaps, and predict future performance.

“We want managers and supervisors to remember that actions influence performance. As they use this tool, their safety program will provide a path to safety excellence by making safe behavior part of the work culture,” DeCarlo said.

The Informed Mobility Safety Observation Tool will be available on postal-issued mobile devices, beginning July 29. The Safety Toolkit site has additional information on the application, including FAQs, instructions and a reference guide.

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