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Link mobile offers news on coronavirus, other topics

Link mobile can help Postal Service employees stay up to date on the coronavirus pandemic.

If you’re a Postal Service employee who wants to stay informed on the organization’s response to the coronavirus pandemic, don’t forget about Link mobile.

A mobile-friendly version of the Link site, Link mobile offers news reports, feature stories and informational videos, including the latest coronavirus-related content.

The site is particularly helpful to craft employees and others who don’t have regular access to postal computers but want to stay informed.

This week, Link mobile featured an overview of COVID-19 Response Command, the group leading the USPS response to the pandemic; a report on efforts to encourage employees to sign up for direct deposit to avoid potential paycheck disruptions due to the pandemic; and a notice about restrictions on shipping hand sanitizers and disinfecting wipes.

A story about postal workers who are proudly continuing to serve their communities was also published.

Link mobile covers other postal news, too, including updates on labor contracts, new products and services, and stamp releases.

Employees can access the site at, where they can also subscribe to weekly emails with the latest Link highlights.

Link mobile is one of several methods that USPS is using to keep employees updated on the pandemic, along with special Blue and LiteBlue pages that offer a variety of resources; stand-up talks; employee bulletin board posters; and messages on video monitors inside postal workplaces.

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