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Remember Maine

Stamp dedication event postponed

An Edward Hopper painting of Maine’s jagged coastline appears on the new Statehood stamp.

The dedication ceremony for the Maine Statehood Forever stamp, scheduled for March 15, has been delayed.

The stamp was released on that date as planned, and customers can purchase it at Post Offices and

The Maine Bicentennial Commission, the host of the dedication ceremony, postponed its Statehood Day ceremony amid concerns about large gatherings during the coronavirus pandemic.

“We will reschedule the statehood celebration for a date when everyone can safely come together to join us in observing 200 years of Maine statehood,” said Bill Diamond, a state senator and the commission’s chairman.

The Postal Service said it will schedule a special dedication for the stamp at a later date that will likely coincide with the new date for the Statehood Day ceremony.

The stamp, which features a striking depiction of Maine’s jagged coastline by painter Edward Hopper, marks the 200th anniversary of the state’s admission to the union.

The stamp is the latest addition to the Statehood series, which also includes last year’s Alabama entry.

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