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Maine attraction

Stamp to celebrate state’s bicentennial

An Edward Hopper painting of the Pine Tree State’s jagged coastline appears on the new Maine Statehood Forever stamp.

The Postal Service will release a stamp Sunday, March 15, to help mark the 200th anniversary of Maine’s statehood.

The date marks the anniversary of Maine’s admission to the union in 1820.

Known as the Pine Tree State for its extensive pine forests, which have fueled its lumber industry, Maine is also famous for its rocky coastline, seafood, state parks and rolling mountains.

The state’s tallest mountain, Mount Katahdin, rises 5,267 feet above sea level and holds spiritual significance for the state’s Native American population.

Tourism is Maine’s top industry. More than 36 million people visit each year to enjoy the state’s landmarks, waterways, culture and picturesque views — the latter of which has inspired many prominent artists.

A striking depiction of Maine’s jagged coastline by one of these artists, painter Edward Hopper (1882-1967), appears on the stamp.

Derry Noyes, a USPS art director, designed the Maine Statehood Forever stamp, which will be available at Post Offices and

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