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Major changes to affect eBuy2 in February

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The Postal Service will introduce eBuy Plus, its replacement for eBuy2, on Feb. 29.

If you use eBuy2 to purchase supplies and services for USPS, you’ll want to know about important changes that will occur before the requisition system is replaced by eBuy Plus at the end of the month.

Feb. 21 will be the last day that eBuy2 will be available for new “on catalog” and “off catalog” orders, except for the following:

  • Solution for Enterprise Asset Management (SEAM) items: Money orders, ReadyPost items, expedited shipping supplies and miscellaneous mailing tags and labels
  • Material Distribution Center items: Tools, supplies, forms, publications, posters and related items and any item shipped from the Material Distribution Center in Topeka, KS
  • Emergency supplies: Water, ice melt and biohazard detection system cartridges

Beginning Feb. 29, the Postal Service’s new requisition system — eBuy Plus — will be open to all users. You can use the new system to purchase on catalog and off catalog items, along with utility and equal employment opportunity invoice submissions.

The eBuy2 system will be available until March 31 for reporting and historical transaction purposes. You should download all necessary data from the system before this date.

The Postal Service wants all eBuy2 users to plan ahead to ensure they aren’t caught short-handed from Feb. 21-29. If you must place an emergency order during this period, you must contact the buying group for the needed item and place the order with the appropriate supplier.

A list of buying groups is available on the USPS Help website.

While the system will not accept new off-catalog requests, the system will continue to process requisitions seeking approvals until March 20. Any off-catalog requisition not fully approved by March 20 will suspend, and the user will be required to write a new off-catalog requisition in the new eBuy Plus system.

The eBuy Plus Blue page has more information, including FAQs and a detailed plan to transition from eBuy2 to eBuy Plus.

If you have questions, email them to

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