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USPS to introduce eBuy Plus soon

USPS will launch the new eBuy Plus system Feb. 29.

The Postal Service will soon introduce eBuy Plus, an improved version of its online requisition system.

The new system, which will replace eBuy2, will be more intuitive and offer a better search engine. Other features will include reusable requisition templates, budget data that is visible on requisition screens, spend data reporting, and finance numbers that are automatically tied to general ledger accounts and commodity codes.

USPS will launch the system Feb. 29. All existing eBuy2 user roles and logon information will be automatically transitioned into the new system through eAccess, but historical data will not be transferred.

All existing catalog suppliers will be available in eBuy Plus. The system will also continue to be used to process small utility payments.

Supply Management and Information Technology worked together to develop the new system.

Training guides are posted on the eBuy Plus website, and the Postal Service plans to make training videos available through the site and the HERO learning portal.

The eBuy Plus Blue page has FAQs with additional information. Employees who have questions should email them to

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