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Toward tomorrow

USPS investing in its future

The Postal Service has introduced package sorting equipment at many facilities, part of the organization’s core strategy to invest in its future.

Throughout the Postal Service’s history, its leaders have always looked toward tomorrow.

USPS has continually invested in equipment, workforce development and other critical areas that allow the organization to effectively serve its customers.

This is why investing in the future is one of the Postal Service’s core strategies, along with innovating to deliver value; engaging, equipping and empowering employees; and delivering world-class customer experiences.

These investments are occurring in several areas of the organization.

For example, the Postal Service has introduced new package sorting equipment at many facilities across the nation, which helps to grow the organization’s package and shipping business.

USPS is also developing a package platform for automating postage assessment, sampling and payment.

Other innovations include dynamic routing, a technique that puts package delivery points in the most efficient, logical order; and a multi-phase initiative to develop state-of-the-art vehicles that can accommodate a diversifying mail mix, improve safety and service, reduce emissions and produce operational savings.

Additionally, USPS continues to invest in initiatives like Informed Delivery and Informed Visibility, which allows the organization to better serve business customers; hiring improvements that help the Postal Service shape its future workforce; and efforts to become a sustainability leader by creating a culture of conservation throughout the organization.

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