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Hiring improvements

Changes for most entry-level bargaining positions

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Applicants must complete a new process when seeking USPS non-career bargaining unit jobs.

The Postal Service is streamlining the hiring process for most entry-level bargaining positions.

The organization has introduced the Virtual Entry Assessment (VEA), a process that all applicants — including current non-career bargaining unit employees — must complete when applying for these positions.

The VEA is a set of four online assessments that each align to a different type of position. For example, all carrier positions will be tied to one assessment, while clerk positions will be tied to a different assessment.

Each assessment will tap into the capabilities that are most critical for each job, such as work ethic, resiliency, customer focus and attention to detail.

Under the VEA, applicants will have 72 hours to complete the assessment, compared to seven days to complete Battery Exam 473.

Additionally, USPS will change the application process to eliminate redundancies and improve applicants’ experiences.

The VEA and the other changes are part of the Postal Service’s efforts to build the kind of workforce needed to deliver world-class customer experiences, one of the organization’s core strategies.

More information about the VEA and other changes, which took effect April 1, is available at

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