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What you should know about life insurance

USPS employees can use the FEGLI online calculator to determine if they have enough coverage for themselves and their families.

The Postal Service wants employees to know about Federal Employee Group Life Insurance (FEGLI), the life insurance program available to federal workers.

For example, did you know that FEGLI rates increase every five years?

Any time your age ends in a 0 or 5, your life insurance premiums will increase. You can use the FEGLI online calculator to determine if you have sufficient coverage.

Also: If you decide that you’d like to reduce or cancel your coverage, you’re no longer required to complete and submit SF 2817, Life Insurance Selection.

Instead, you can use a new module on the PostalEASE site that allows current employees to reduce or cancel their coverage at any time. Newly hired or recently converted employees can also access PostalEase to make their initial election.

And keep in mind: If you experience a qualified life event — such as a marriage, birth or divorce — you can increase your FEGLI coverage, although you’ll need to contact the USPS Human Resources Shared Service Center within 60 days of the event to adjust your coverage.

Newly hired employees can also use PostalEASE to make their FEGLI initial election. Enrollments must occur within 60 days of the new employee’s start date.

The FEGLI LiteBlue page has more information.

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