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Life insurance changes

New online module simplifies process

USPS employees can use a PostalEASE module to sign up for life insurance or change their coverage.

It’s now easier for Postal Service employees to sign up for life insurance or make changes to their coverage.

USPS has added a Federal Employee Group Life Insurance (FEGLI) module to PostalEASE that’s similar to the platform’s health insurance, tax and banking modules.

The new module allows current employees to reduce their current FEGLI elections, while new hires can use it to make their initial benefit elections.

Previously, employees had to submit form SF 2817, Life Insurance Election, to the Human Resources Shared Service Center (HRSSC) to enroll in a FEGLI plan or make changes.

After validating their choices on the module, employees will receive a confirmation number and a summary of their selections with an effective date.

Employees still have the option to modify their FEGLI benefit if they experience a qualified life event,” such as a marriage or divorce. To do so, employees must contact the HRSSC.

New hires interested in the FEGLI benefit should enroll within 60 days from their appointment date.

Employees can go to the FEGLI Blue page for more information.

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