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Employee finds, returns $900 in lost cash

Mail Processing Clerk Betzaida Ingram, left, receives a certificate of appreciation from Postal Police Sgt. Constance Simms during a recent ceremony.

Another Postal Service employee has received praise after reuniting a customer with a large amount of cash that should never have been mailed.

Betzaida Ingram was using a delivery barcode sorter at the Baltimore Processing and Distribution Center when $900 spilled out of a damaged envelope.

“As soon as I realized what was inside of the envelope, I knew I had to do something,” Ingram said. “That’s a lot of money for someone to lose.”

The mail processing clerk alerted a manager, who then contacted a Postal Police officer. The Postal Police then tracked down the customer: a U.S. Navy member who had rushed to make a bill payment before being deployed.

The money was returned to the customer, who converted the cash into a money order and mailed it to the company.

“When I found out it was from someone who was leaving to serve our country, it made me feel good that the outcome was a positive one,” Ingram said.

Later, during a ceremony at the plant, Ingram was recognized by the Postal Inspection Service and Postal Police for her dedication to customer service.

Earlier this year, a Melville, NY, mail processing clerk found $5,000 in an envelope in a USPS recycling bin and helped reunite the missing cash with the customer who accidentally mailed it.

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