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Delivering for you

Customers receive holiday mailpiece

The USPS customer mailer provides an overview of holiday products and services.

The Postal Service is using a direct mailpiece to remind customers how the organization delivers for them during the holidays.

“We have everything you need to send holiday gifts and greetings,” the piece states. “We’re helping spread holiday joy all across the country.”

The mailer offers information on Priority Mail shipping products, holiday stamps, mailing and shipping deadlines, and the benefits of using Click-N-Ship.

Consumers are also encouraged to subscribe to Informed Delivery so they can preview their incoming mail and manage their holiday packages from computers, smartphones and other mobile devices.

In addition to the customer piece, the Postal Service sent a holiday mailer to employees that highlights their value to the organization and its customers. Employees can also preview TV and radio ads, social media posts and more at the USPS Holiday 2019 site.

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