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‘You Make a Difference’

USPS thanks employees via mailpiece

USPS is sending employees a mailer that thanks them for their efforts during the holidays.

The Postal Service is helping employees get into the holiday spirit with a direct mailing that highlights their important contributions to the organization and its customers.

The “You Make a Difference” mailer features testimonials that praise the Postal Service and its employees. In one story, a customer describes her experiences with Lyndon DeSilva, an Alexandria, VA, retail associate.

“I have frequented his branch for 15 years and will you tell you that when I get in line, I hope to end up with Lyndon,” the customer states.

The piece features a QR code that employees can use to access the USPS Holiday 2019 site, where they can preview upcoming TV and radio ads, social media posts, retail signage and more.

The mailer also includes a detachable holiday postcard that employees are encouraged to send to a colleague.

In addition to the employee mailpiece, USPS will send a mailer to customers that highlights the organization’s efforts to deliver the holidays.

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