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Customers first

USPS aims for excellent experiences

Lomita, CA, Retail Associate Maria Medina is one of the USPS employees across the nation who strive to deliver excellent customer experiences.

USPS doesn’t just deliver mail and packages. The organization strives to deliver excellent customer service, too.

This is one of the Postal Service’s four core strategies, along with engaging, equipping and empowering employees; innovating; and investing in the future.

Delivering world-class experiences is a big job.

After all, virtually everyone receives mail, which means virtually everyone is a Postal Service customer. This includes consumers, businesses, government agencies, schools and nonprofit organizations at about 159 million addresses across the United States.

To better serve customers, USPS is making improvements throughout the organization.

For example, the Postal Service is continuing to grow Informed Delivery, a free feature that allows consumers to preview their incoming mail and manage their packages from computers, smartphones and other devices.

USPS has also introduced Informed Visibility, a platform that allows business customers and others to track mailpieces from the moment they enter the mailstream to when they are delivered.

Other innovations include Customer 360, a tool that helps employees address customers’ inquiries faster; modernized payment systems and self-service kiosks at postal retail sites; improved training for retail employees; and a new Mailing and Shipping Solutions Center to better serve businesses.

Customers appreciate the Postal Service’s efforts.

In a Gallup survey released in May, the public ranked USPS first among 13 government agencies in delivering “excellent” or “good” customer service, while a Pew Research Center poll released last month found more Americans have a favorable opinion of the Postal Service than any other agency.

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