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Customer care

USPS offers new training course

Customer Care Training
A new training course explains how delivering great service can help USPS grow its business.

USPS is offering a new training course to help Postmasters and customer service managers deliver exceptional service during every transaction.

The course, Providing Exceptional Customer Care (course number 10026877), is available through the Integrated Human Resources System, a new online learning portal.

The course explains how delivering great service can help USPS grow its business and features employees’ tips on resolving difficult issues.

The training uses common scenarios to demonstrate how working with other departments can help solve customers’ problems quickly and efficiently. Additional topics include being mindful of body language, communicating effectively with employees and developing quality customer responses.

“This training underscores the profound effect we have on customers’ lives every day,” said Consumer Advocate Ed Wohlganger. “Remember: We’re not just delivering envelopes and boxes. We’re putting life-saving medication, family heirlooms and anxiously awaited purchases into the hands of people who rely on us.”

The course is part of the Postal Service’s efforts to deliver excellent customer experiences and improve employee training, two core business strategies.

These efforts also include revitalized training for new retail associates and awareness campaigns that emphasize the importance of customer service.

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