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‘Management cares’

‘Engage’ spotlights Inspection Service

The latest episode of “Engage” showcases the Postal Inspection Service’s efforts to foster positive, productive workplaces within its Charlotte, NC, division.

The division has received significant recognition in recent years, including Certified Engagement Team status and an Engagement Leader of the Year Award for Postal Police Capt. Judson West, the division manager.

“When I am aware that [an employee] has had a traumatic day that’s affected their life, I like to go see them. It shows other team members that management cares,” West says.

The 5-minute, 30-second episode, which was released last week, features comments from other managers and employees who discuss the division’s approach to engagement, including treating everyone with dignity and respect and encouraging workers to do their best each day.

“I feel good when I do my job the right way,” Sgt. Quinn Hawkins, a recipient of an Engagement Most Valuable Player Award, says in the video.

The segment also features Chief Postal Inspector Gary Barksdale, who explains how the division’s efforts align with the Postal Service’s core strategies.

“An effective, engaged workforce improves productivity. It improves innovation,” he says.

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