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The List: 5 artwork-themed stamp releases

Artwork that has been featured on stamps
Art that has been showcased on USPS stamps include, clockwise from top left, “Christina’s World,” an Andrew Wyeth painting; Black Cascade, 13 Verticals, an Alexander Calder sculpture; “Falling Star” by Romare Bearden; the Georgia O’Keeffe painting “Red Poppy”; and “Untitled (Man Riding Donkey)” by Martín Ramírez.

The Postal Service will release stamps this week honoring Ellsworth Kelly, making him the latest artist to have his work showcased by USPS. Here are five others.

1. Georgia O’Keeffe. Issued in 1996, a 32-cent stamp features a rendering of O’Keeffe’s 1927 painting “Red Poppy.” O’Keeffe, with her eye for size, color and detail, is considered one of the 20th century’s foremost painters.

2. Alexander Calder. Five stamps released in 1998 feature the artist’s kinetic sculptures: Rearing Stallion; Portrait of a Young Man; Black Cascade, 13 Verticals; Un effet du japonais; and an untitled piece.

3. Romare Bearden. Bearden is known as one of the nation’s greatest collage artists and was praised for depicting African American experiences through his art. The 2011 stamp release features four of his works: “Conjunction,” “Odysseus: Poseidon, The Sea God — Enemy of Odysseus,” “Prevalence of Ritual: Conjur Woman” and “Falling Star.”

4. Martín Ramírez. The Mexican artist was honored with a set of 2015 stamps featuring five of his works. Although Ramírez was confined to psychiatric hospitals for more than 30 years of his life, he transcended his own situation to create a visualized world free from the constraints of borders or time.

5. Andrew Wyeth. In 2017, the Postal Service released 12 stamps celebrating the Pennsylvania-born artist, whose work was known for its austerity and lack of color.

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