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Seamless shipping

Customers’ expectations discussed at NPF

Marketing Vice President Steve Monteith, in the foreground, addresses National Postal Forum attendees on May 7 alongside Steven Phelps, acting costing and pricing vice president.

The Postal Service is working with online retailers and other businesses to meet consumers’ expectations for seamless shipping experiences, Marketing Vice President Steve Monteith said this week.

Shoppers want to track their packages online and return unwanted merchandise easily, Monteith told industry leaders.

“We are working closely with our e-commerce customers to always stay ahead of consumer expectations,” he said.

For example, USPS will soon test a feature that allows retailers to add interactive “ride-along content” to the email and dashboard notifications that Informed Delivery users receive when a package is on the way.

The retailer could use this content to prompt the recipient to download a mobile app, subscribe to a newsletter or RSVP to an event.

“These are all ways to increase engagement with customers after a package was delivered. It’s an opportunity — through delivery — to differentiate your customer experience,” Monteith said.

He delivered his remarks in Indianapolis, where USPS and industry leaders are meeting at the National Postal Forum.

Monteith also offered an overview of the Postal Service’s efforts to invest in “seamless return solutions.”

The organization now provides retailers with more data about incoming returns, including the weight of the item. This allows the retailer to verify that the product being sent back matches the weight of the original package.

“Returns are the new normal, and they are to be treated with the same care as the rest of the shopping experience,” Monteith said.

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