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Sharing their stories

Employees recall dog attacks

Woman with nose scar speaks to TV news crew
Lapeer, MI, Rural Carrier Debra Fritch, who was on the job when a dog bit her on the nose, recalls the experience during a TV news interview this week.

Derrin Tucker was delivering mail recently when a dog charged toward him.

The Lubbock, TX, letter carrier remembered the safety training he received and placed his satchel between himself and the animal. “I quickly tried to think of every dog bite prevention tip that would allow me to escape,” he said.

The dog’s owner soon arrived and restrained the animal, leaving Tucker feeling thankful that the defensive techniques he learned on the job helped him to protect himself.

Tucker is one of several USPS employees who are sharing their stories during National Dog Bite Prevention Week, an annual campaign that highlights safety tips, employee programs and an annual ranking of the cities with the most attacks.

Other employees who are speaking out include Westland, MI, Letter Carrier Katie Nelson, who was attacked while delivering mail to a home that was under renovation.

“There wasn’t even a door on the house to keep the dog contained,” she said.

Lapeer, MI, Rural Carrier Debra Fritch also shared her story, explaining how she required several surgeries after a dog bit her on the nose. “I have one more surgery planned. I told my doctor I want a princess nose when it’s all done,” Fritch said.

Customers are also recalling their experiences, including Oneal Colley, a woman who helped Detroit Letter Carrier Todd Bridges when he was attacked by a dog in February.

“I kept thinking if I was on the ground like the letter carrier, I would want someone to help me. We have to help one another,” she said.

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