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Best Practices: Preventing dog attacks

Preventing dog bites
Northeast Area Safety Manager Donna Gill has tips to help USPS employees protect themselves from dog attacks.

Donna Gill does her part to protect her Postal Service colleagues from dog attacks.

“Not only are we trying to prevent the injury, we want to prevent the trauma from being confronted by dogs,” says Gill, who is Northeast Area’s safety manager.

Gill and the area’s safety teams use stand-up talks, on-the-job instructors and other methods to educate employees on defensive measures, such as using dog repellent and satchels to protect themselves during an attack. The teams also train employees to use warning cards and Mobile Delivery Devices to alert others about dogs on specific routes.

To help mark National Dog Bite Prevention Week, an annual campaign that is underway through April 20, Gill offers three additional tips:

• Think outside the box. Gill’s team uses animal trainers to educate employees on dog mannerisms and defense techniques. “We want to prevent the hazard from becoming an injury,” she says.

• Show and tell. Because many employees learn best through visual aids, Gill’s team uses enlarged maps with pushpins to show addresses where dogs are known to reside.

• Educate customers, too. “We do public service announcements to make owners aware of the importance of keeping dogs inside during delivery timeframes,” she says.

Additionally, Gill stresses the importance of aiding workers who have been attacked, including referring them to the Employee Assistance Program for help.

“We want every employee to know that we take their safety and well-being seriously,” she says.

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