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Informed Delivery helps tax filers

Tax forms near smartphone displaying Informed Delivery email message
USPS employees and customers are using Informed Delivery during tax season to keep an eye out for refunds, forms and other documents.

Like a lot of Postal Service employees, Scot Grossnicklaus relies on the U.S. Mail for his tax-filing needs.

This year, the process worked better than ever — thanks to Informed Delivery.

Grossnicklaus, a Portland, OR, letter carrier, signed up for the mail notification service at the urging of a co-worker. A few weeks ago, he received an Informed Delivery email that showed some important tax documents were going to be delivered to his home on a Saturday.

Not wanting to miss the delivery, Grossnicklaus stayed home to receive it.

“It was a good feeling. It’s a great service,” he said.

Grossnicklaus’s experience is the latest example of how the nation’s 16 million Informed Delivery subscribers are finding new ways to use the free feature.

Informed Delivery is helping other subscribers manage their holiday package deliveries and stay connected to loved ones serving in the military.

The Postal Service wants more employees and consumers to discover these advantages by becoming Informed Delivery subscribers themselves. This will encourage more businesses to add interactive content to Informed Delivery emails, which will help boost postal revenue.

Portland District Business Development Specialist Kim Satchell, who helped Grossnicklaus sign up for Informed Delivery, is glad her co-worker found it useful during tax season.

“Every day, we hear more examples of how people are using Informed Delivery in their everyday lives,” Satchell said. “Everyone who signs up and uses it asks the same question: ‘How did we ever live without Informed Delivery?’”

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