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Bridging the gap

USPS touts Informed Delivery for holidays

Checking Informed Delivery on cellphone
Customers can use Informed Delivery to get a sneak peek at greeting cards and other holiday mail.

The Postal Service wants customers to know about the benefits of using Informed Delivery during the holidays.

Informed Delivery allows users to digitally preview their incoming mail and manage their packages from computers, tablets and mobile devices.

Customers can use the free feature to get a sneak peek at greeting cards and other holiday mail while traveling.

Additionally, customers can take advantage of special offers that are included in some Informed Delivery notifications.

Starting in 2019, USPS expects to begin offering a new Informed Delivery option that allows customers to sign up for some package deliveries with an electronic signature.

Nov. 8 news release has more information.

Informed Delivery, which currently has more than 13 million users, is part of the Postal Service’s strategy to bridge the gap between physical and digital mail and grow revenue.

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