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Getting the message out

Workers continue to tout Informed Delivery

An employee and customer pose with cell phone
Taylor Hinkle, left, signed up for Informed Delivery after meeting San Diego Business Development Specialist Dee Moore in Utah in February.

Dee Moore never misses an opportunity to talk about Informed Delivery.

While on her way to a soccer tournament in Beaver, UT, last month, the San Diego-based business development specialist stopped at a gas station, where she spotted a potential Informed Delivery customer — a woman named Taylor Hinkle.

“Hi, my name is Dee,” Moore said to Hinkle. “I work for the Postal Service. Would you like to sign up for Informed Delivery, which is free and allows you to see your mail before it arrives in your mailbox?”

Hinkle agreed, and within moments she was enrolled in Informed Delivery.

Moore is one of the thousands of employees participating in the Postal Service’s Inform 5 initiative to encourage employees to promote Informed Delivery to at least five customers each day.

The goal of the campaign is to get more consumers to use the feature, which currently has 15 million users. USPS hopes to have 40 million Informed Delivery enrollees by 2020.

Increasing the number of subscribers will encourage more businesses to add interactive content to Informed Delivery emails, thereby boosting USPS revenue and the value of mail.

Kim Ewing, a business development specialist in Chicago, is another Informed Delivery fan who is enthusiastic about signing up others.

“I love my daily mail alert,” she said. “That’s why I continue to pass on this free service to our customers and employees.”

Employees can learn more at the Informed Delivery pages on Blue and LiteBlue, as well as

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