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New hires learn about Informed Delivery

Smiling woman holds smartphone displaying Informed Delivery screen
Samantha Higgins, a newly hired city carrier assistant in the San Diego area, recently signed up for Informed Delivery after learning about the free feature during a new employee orientation class.

The Postal Service’s newest employees in Pacific Area are learning about the importance of Informed Delivery as soon as they begin their USPS careers.

The area’s Informed Delivery ambassadors are visiting orientation classes for new hires to tell them about the mail notification service and its importance to the organization’s future.

“Informed Delivery is a vital component of the Postal Service’s efforts to add value to the mail and grow revenue,” said Judi Mummy, a customer service program analyst and lead ambassador for Pacific Area. “It’s important that new employees understand how Informed Delivery makes mail more relevant to consumers.”

Informed Delivery is a free feature that allows users to digitally preview their incoming mail and manage their packages from computers, tablets and mobile devices.

Businesses can add interactive content to the Informed Delivery emails that consumers receive, making it a potentially significant revenue source.

To grow Informed Delivery, which currently has more than 12 million users, USPS has introduced Inform 5, a campaign to encourage employees to tell at least five employees each day about the feature.

The organization has also recruited ambassadors like Mummy to spread the word about the advantages of using Informed Delivery.

USPS is encouraging other areas to follow Pacific’s approach and ensure new hires understand the importance of promoting Informed Delivery. Pacific is a national leader in signing up consumers for the feature.

Samantha Higgins, a newly hired city carrier assistant in the San Diego area, appreciated learning about Informed Delivery during her orientation. She even enrolled in the feature herself.

“I will use it a lot because it’s a good way to keep track and keep organized,” Higgins said. “If customers have any questions about their mail or packages, I’ll let them know Informed Delivery can help them.”

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