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Repeat customer

Virginia boy’s love for USPS still strong

Finn Blumenthal
Finn Blumenthal visits his friends at the Falmouth Post Office in Fredericksburg, VA, at Christmastime.

Employees at the Falmouth Post Office in Fredericksburg, VA, are watching Finn Blumenthal grow up.

Finn, a 4-year-old fan of the Post Office, has been a regular customer in between surgeries he’s had to treat his congenital heart disease.

“He comes in and he’s so happy and friendly to everybody,” said Retail Associate Nikki McKenney.

Doctors say Finn has done great since his most recent open-heart surgery in September 2017.

“His heart is exactly as they left it, which is perfect,” said Kelly Blumenthal, Finn’s mom. “It’s such a relief to know that he can just live.”

She added: “We signed him up for preschool, and he can even do a sport if he wants to.”

Finn gets to spend more time at the Post Office now, where he still receives mail and packages, including more than 100 cards at Christmastime.

In December, Kelly came up with a sweet idea to thank employees: She dressed Finn in an elf suit and took him to the Post Office, where he passed out holiday chocolates to everyone.

“We loved it,” said Retail Associate Bridget Dunivan. “It was nice to have him come in.”

Finn loved his visit, too — especially seeing all the packages in the back of the Post Office.

“He thought it was really Santa’s workshop,” said Kelly. “He asked me if they were magic elves, and I said, ‘Yes.'”

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