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Big boost

Sales employees add Informed Delivery users

Informed Delivery
Central Illinois District Sr. Sales Executive Sylvia Allen-Hoover helps Charles Brown, a letter carrier at the Oak Park Main Post Office, register for Informed Delivery during last fall’s sign-up challenge.

USPS Sales employees registered more than 13,600 Informed Delivery users last fall.

The national sales group, which oversees sales teams for Postal Service areas and districts, conducted an Informed Delivery sign-up challenge from October-December.

Employees competed to see who could register the most users for Informed Delivery, a free feature that allows consumers to preview their incoming mail and manage their packages from computers, tablets and other mobile devices.

The winner: Central Illinois District’s sales team, which signed up 1,455 users, including more than 980 users who were signed up by Sr. Sales Executive Sylvia Allen-Hoover.

Each team member also downloaded the Postal Service’s Informed Delivery enrollment app to help in their efforts to register new users.

Employees also used informational videos, social media messages and more to promote Informed Delivery during the challenge.

“This friendly competition is one way the field sales teams are using to build awareness, share ideas and generate excitement about Informed Delivery,” said Sales Executive Director Christine Bailey.

The sign-up challenge is part of broader efforts to boost Informed Delivery, a key component of the Postal Service’s efforts to make mail more valuable to consumers and generate revenue. The organization is also conducting the Inform 5 initiative, which encourages employees to tell at least five customers each day about Informed Delivery.

Informed Delivery currently has more than 14 million users. Employees can register at

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