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USPS to update eTravel for new cards

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If you use eTravel, you’ll soon see changes resulting from the SmartPay 3 conversion.

Postal Service employees and others who use eTravel will soon see changes in the system as a result of the SmartPay 3 conversion.

SmartPay 3 cards will automatically update in eTravel.

Purchases made using the government-issued travel cards will default to send payments to CitiBank, the company that distributes GSA SmartPay 3 travel cards.

However, when transactions appear on the employee’s company card page, the payment type will display the following:

  • SmartPay 3 travel individually billed account card (card transactions on or after Nov. 30)
  • SmartPay 2 travel individually billed account card (card transactions before Nov. 30)
  • SmartPay 1 travel individually billed account card (card transactions before October 2008)
  • Other (only used if the payment was made using personal funds)

The company card page will also default to “all cards” and display transactions for any travel card accounts under the employee’s name.

Employees can filter to a specific card by selecting the correct card account from a dropdown option next to “Unassigned Company Card Transactions for Card.”

The travehelp Blue page has additional information about the SmartPay 3 transition.

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