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New travel cards become active soon

Travel cards
The travel cards that USPS employees currently use will expire Nov. 29 and be replaced with new cards that will become active the next day.

The Postal Service is reminding employees with travel cards to prepare for the transition to new cards this month.

The Citi commercial travel cards that employees currently use will expire Nov. 29 at 11:59 p.m. EST.

Most employees have already received new Citi commercial travel cards, which will become active Nov. 30.

Citibank distributes the cards through GSA SmartPay 3, a program that provides charge cards to federal agencies. In addition to transitioning to the new cards, USPS will switch from Visa to Mastercard as the organization’s payment processing institution.

To get ready for the transition, here’s what employees should do:

• Monitor existing accounts through the current GSA SmartPay 2 program and resolve any disputes, outstanding balances, credits and returns.

• Check balances at and use this site to manage card accounts online 24/7. Login credentials will remain unchanged for employees with CitiManager accounts.

• Plan to have both your GSA SmartPay 2 Visa and new Citi commercial travel card on hand when traveling during the Nov. 29-30 switchover period.

Employees will continue to have online access to their Visa accounts until it is paid off or until March 31, 2020, whichever date is sooner.

If you recently moved, you’ll need to update your address by calling Citibank customer service at 800-790-7206.

Contact your agency/organization program coordinator if you have not received your Citi commercial travel card by Nov. 16 or have questions.

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