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Change is coming

Employees to receive new credit cards

Stack of credit cards
New cards will be issued for the USPS fleet, purchase, travel and uniform allowance programs.

Postal Service employees who use government-issued credit cards to pay for various supplies and services will soon receive new cards.

New cards will be issued for each of the following programs:

  • Fleet
  • Purchase
  • Travel
  • Uniform Allowance Program (UAP)

USPS Supply Management worked with the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) and several postal departments — including Travel and Relocation, the Purchasing Shared Service Center and Labor Relations — to provide employees with cards under the new program.

The new cards will be issued under the GSA SmartPay 3 program. The program will replace GSA’s SmartPay 2-issued cards, which has provided Postal Service employees with fleet, purchase and travel cards since 2008.

UAP previously was a standalone USPS contract, but the program has been added under SmartPay 3, which will allow the Postal Service to take advantage of additional benefits.

This change will affect many employees: USPS has an estimated 300,000 UAP cards; 270,000 fleet cards; 38,000 travel cards; and 30,000 purchase cards.

SmartPay 2 will end Nov. 29. The new cards will become active the next day.

Employees should watch for additional communications about these programs to ensure they know what to do when receiving new cards.

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