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Brennan, industry leaders discuss innovation

Postmaster General Megan J. Brennan
Postmaster General Megan J. Brennan addresses attendees at the Northeast Florida PCC event in Jacksonville.

USPS is making mail more valuable through innovations like Informed Delivery and Informed Visibility, Postmaster General Megan J. Brennan told industry leaders last week.

“Mail is an incredibly powerful marketing channel, and we’re giving it new capabilities,” she said.

Brennan spoke during National Postal Customer Council (PCC) Week, an annual event that brings USPS and industry leaders together at a series of meetings across the nation.

The Postmaster General addressed the Northeast Florida PCC in Jacksonville, and she also delivered a videotaped keynote address at other PCC events throughout the week.

The marketing capabilities of Informed Delivery — a free feature that allows consumers to digitally preview their incoming mail — was a central theme of her message.

Businesses can add interactive content to the Informed Delivery emails that consumers receive, which the Postmaster General called a “growth driver” for the industry.

She also explained how businesses can use the Informed Visibility platform to track their mailings as they move through the postal network and use the data to better manage their marketing campaigns.

USPS wants business customers to maximize their use of both Informed Delivery and Informed Visibility, Brennan said.

“We’ll help you. We have teams dedicated to supporting these offerings. We want this to be a focus of PCC activity for the coming year,” she said.

In addition to innovation, Brennan and other USPS leaders used National PCC Week to update business customers on new initiatives, including a program that teaches college-level marketing students about the value of mail.

During each National PCC Week meeting, Postal Service leaders also thanked the PCC members for their business.

Said Brennan: “Your membership in the PCC network, your active engagement and your willingness to share best practices strengthens our industry.”

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