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All clear

Election Mail coordinators reminded of rules

Woman reviews election rules
Sarita Montgomery, a Northern Ohio District Election Mail coordinator, checks an Election Mail log in 2016.

The Postal Service wants area and district Election Mail and Political Mail coordinators to stay vigilant throughout this year’s election season.

All USPS plants and customer service units are required to complete daily “all clear” reports two weeks before and one week after an election in their districts.

Election Mail and Political Mail coordinators are responsible for helping local plants and units ensure they complete the required certifications each day.

“Before and during the election, it is critical to process, clear and record all election-related mail,” said Lisa Adams, operations integration and support manager at USPS headquarters in Washington, DC. “The Postal Service plays a key role in the American democratic voting process, so we must be diligent in how we handle this mail.”

The Election and Political Mail 2018 Blue page has additional information, including lists of the election and political mail team members for each area and district.

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