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Election help

USPS offers resources online

Election mail
Chris Carithers, an election commissioner in Douglas County, NE, picks up Election Mail in 2016 from Lisa Pudys, an Omaha retail associate at the time.

USPS is reminding employees about the online resources available to help them process and deliver ballots and political mailpieces during this year’s elections.

The Election and Political Mail 2018 Blue page has an interactive map that allows employees to find the names and contact information for each state’s election and political mail coordinators.

Lists of the election and political mail team members for each area and district are also included.

Other resources include employee stand-up talks and lists of standard operating procedures for mail acceptance, delivery and network operations.

USPS expects to handle more ballots this year than it did during the 2014 midterm election cycle, when more than 20 million ballots were processed.

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