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Cards for Aspen

Sick child’s mail request goes viral

Colorful postcards fanned out
Aspen Kelly, an Oklahoma girl with leukemia, is receiving postcards from around the world for her birthday this weekend.

An Oklahoma girl is receiving national media attention after her request for postcards went viral on social media.

Aspen Kelly, who has leukemia, will turn 13 this weekend. She’s too sick to travel, so her mother, V Kelly, used Facebook last month to share the girl’s request for postcards from around the world.

“She would love to see a beautiful place, or something cool and exciting from other places she’s never been to before,” V wrote.

The post went viral, and the mail began pouring in.

Aspen has received more than 1,000 cards from every U.S. state and 49 countries, CBS News, Inside Edition and other media outlets reported.

Her well-wishers include actor Tom Hanks, who mailed a postcard while in Greece. “I hope this arrives in time for your happy 13th birthday! Love you,” he wrote.

Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin also mailed Aspen a message: “I just wanted to send you a note to let you know I’m thinking of [you].”

Aspen joins a long list of individuals whose mail requests have gone viral, a phenomenon that also includes military veterans marking milestone birthdays and even postal retirees who want to hear from former colleagues.

News organizations have published Aspen’s address for those who wish to write: Aspen Kelly, PO Box 822, Watonga, OK 73772.

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