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Centennial celebration

Vet receives 75,000 mailpieces for milestone birthday

Elderly man holds up envelope while woman looks on
Ike Fabela shows one of the 75,000 mailpieces he has received since his social media request for birthday cards went viral. His daughter, Lolie, stands next to him.

Isaac “Ike” Fabela is feeling grateful these days, and not just because he recently turned 100.

The World War II veteran and Montrose, MI, resident asked for 100 cards from other veterans for his birthday.

He has received more than 75,000 mailpieces so far, with no end in sight.

“We have to take a truck to the Post Office to pick up the mail,” said Lolie Fabela, his daughter.

Ike’s family went on social media last month to issue his request, which soon went viral.

In addition to receiving cards and letters, many veterans are sending their service coins to Ike.

Several news organizations have covered the story and published the address for those who wish to write: Ike Fabela, c/o Nick Rodgers, PO Box 3112, Montrose, MI 48457.

Ike is also a hit on Twitter, where actor Chris Pratt has encouraged his fans to send mail to the veteran, and Facebook, where the Fabela family has created a page to share his story.

“Thank you for your service to our great nation,” one Facebook user wrote last week.

Handling Ike’s mail has become a family affair.

“He loves to read the cards or have them read to him,” said Lolie. “We sit around our table and have a reading party. People say we can’t read them all and I say, ‘Yes we do.’”

Ike is making sure all of his correspondence gets read.

Said Lolie: “If people take the time to write and get a stamp, they deserve to have their letter read.”

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