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USPS shares info on new feature

San Antonio Letter Carrier Yvette Torralva retrieves mail recently from a blue collection box that features messaging about Informed Delivery.

If you’re feeling blue, you’re not alone.

The Postal Service is sharing information about Informed Delivery on blue collection boxes in San Antonio and Providence, RI. This first round of communication on the iconic boxes is part of a test to promote USPS products and services.

The messages, which “wrap” around the sides of the boxes, show the USPS logo and mail and packages under the headline: “See the mail you’re getting. Before you get it.”

The marketing effort is geared toward customers who haven’t subscribed to Informed Delivery, a free feature that allows users to digitally preview their incoming mail and manage their packages from computers, tablets and mobile devices.

“The Postal Service’s blue collection boxes are fixtures in every neighborhood, offering us a unique way to reach engaged consumers and help them learn more about the advantages of Informed Delivery,” said Acting Chief Customer and Marketing Officer Jacqueline Krage Strako. “This campaign also reflects our ongoing efforts to strengthen our customers’ experiences.”

Informed Delivery, which now has more than 10 million users, is part of the organization’s broader strategy to add digital capabilities to mail and make it more valuable, predictable and accessible to customers.

Employees say the messaging is prompting customers to inquire about Informed Delivery.

Said San Antonio Letter Carrier Yvette Torralva: “We continue to see our brand grow, and it makes us more proud than ever.”

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