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Employees work to generate leads

USPS small-business lead generation programs
USPS small-business lead generation programs have generated more than $575 million in estimated annualized revenue so far during fiscal 2018.

The Postal Service’s business development specialists are creating superheroes — not the kind who wear capes, but the kind who help boost the organization’s bottom line.

These employees are holding lunch and learn events, visiting USPS offices and encouraging colleagues to submit leads through their designated lead generation program.

For example, employees in Capital Metro Area’s Atlanta District are showing off their revenue generating powers by posing with superhero cutouts and their lead cards.

“I think our team created a fun way to involve USPS employees at all levels and raise awareness of the importance of developing leads for revenue opportunities through our daily interactions with customers,” said Business Mail Entry Unit Supervisor Heather Fredericks.

Business lead generation initiatives include Customer Connect, Business Connect, Rural Reach, Mailhandlers, Clerks Care and Submit a Lead. Employees unsure of which program applies to them can contact a local business development specialist.

Since Oct. 1, when the current fiscal year began, the small-business lead generation programs have produced more than $575 million in estimated annualized revenue.

The Sales Blue page has more information about USPS employee lead programs.

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