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Submit a Lead

Program makes bottom line everyone’s business

Northern Ohio District Retail Specialist Ella Randolph recently contributed to the Submit a Lead program.

Every Postal Service employee can help the organization grow its revenue.

Through Submit a Lead, employees who are not eligible to participate in the Customer Connect, Rural Reach, Clerks Care or Mailhandlers lead generation programs can still help target new business revenue.

Here’s what you should know:

Submit a Lead allows everyone to contribute to USPS business growth. Even employees without direct relationships or contact with business customers while at work can find leads whenever or wherever they see a potential opportunity.

Potential leads can be found anywhere. Leads can be for businesses that employees see advertised on television or walk by every day, as well as businesses that belong to friends or family members.

One example: Northern Ohio District Retail Specialist Ella Randolph was watching last year’s mayoral race in Cleveland when she spotted an opportunity to not only help get out the vote, but also to help the Postal Service’s bottom line.

She submitted leads on behalf of candidates to the local sales team, who sold one contender on the benefits of direct mail for political campaigns. Randolph’s lead generated $42,500 in new revenue for USPS.

Submit a Lead works. Since the fiscal year began Oct. 1, Submit a Lead has generated more than $10 million in new revenue for the Postal Service.

The Sales Blue page has more information about the Submit a Lead program and other initiatives that allow employees to submit sales leads.

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