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USPS to answer employees’ benefits questions

IdeaSmart Chat
USPS employees can now go online to post questions and receive answers about their benefits.

If you have questions about your benefits, the Postal Service has answers.

You can now go online to post your questions and get answers from the Benefits and Wellness team. You can ask about health plans, retirement options, flexible spending accounts, commuter programs and other benefits-related topics.

The discussion board is part of the IdeaSMART platform, an online forum that allows postal employees to share feedback on improving the organization.

You can use most electronic devices — including computers, smartphones and tablets — to access the IdeaSMART application and participate in a chat. You’ll need your ACE ID and password or your employee identification number and self-service password.

The IdeaSMART LiteBlue page has additional details, including FAQs and contact information.

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