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New stamps showcase wondrous creatures

Shark stamps
Jon Nonnenmacher, a dive safety officer at the Newport Aquarium in Kentucky, displays a Sharks stamp sheet inside one of the aquarium’s shark tanks.

The Postal Service has released Sharks, a pane of 20 stamps that feature realistic illustrations of five species that inhabit American waters.

The stamps feature mako, thresher, great white, hammerhead and whale sharks.

Studies show that the regional elimination of sharks results in the loss of fish and other species down the food chain — which can degrade or kill off ecologically valuable coral reefs.

“The Postal Service takes pride in using its stamps to raise awareness of important issues. We hope the stamps unveiled today help highlight the need for shark conservation,” said Chief Human Resources Officer Jeffrey Williamson, who dedicated the stamps at the Newport Aquarium in Kentucky.

“While sharks may be scary to some, the prospect of a world without sharks is truly frightening. As apex predators, sharks keep other marine life in balance — and by doing so, they play a critical role in regulating our largest ecosystem — the oceans,” Williamson said.

Other speakers included Chris Pierson, the aquarium’s director of operations, and Nick Whitney, a senior research scientist at the aquarium.

The stamps are available at and Post Offices. The Postal Service’s news release has more information.

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