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Giving thanks

Managers delivering notes to employees

A manager delivers a thank you note to an employee
Central Illinois District Human Resources Manager Jayne Duewerth, standing, delivers a thank-you card to District Complement Coordinator Dedra Morris, a member of her team.

Joseph Dlask recently received a surprise from his manager:

A thank-you note.

Sharon Turner-Hall, an address management systems manager for Great Lakes Area’s Central Illinois District, pulled aside Dlask and presented him with the personalized card to express her appreciation for his work.

“She told me she couldn’t do it without me,” said Dlask, a product information quality analyst. “It made me feel appreciated and that my contribution to our department is important.”

Turner-Hall, who calls Dlask “a fine example of an engaged employee,” wrote the note using special stationery that USPS is providing to managers across the nation.

The organization is encouraging managers to use the cards to write thank-you notes to employees. The stationery is part of the #PostalProud initiative, an ongoing effort to emphasize USPS values and show appreciation for employees’ work.

Managers can order the stationery through the Material Distribution Center catalog in the eBuy2 system.

In Northeast Area’s Northern New England District, Paul Warrick, acting plant manager at the Southern Maine Processing and Distribution Center, recently gave Brice Roy a thank-you card.

Roy, a customer services manager, helped Warrick and others sort mail during a recent snowstorm.

“It’s the most appreciated I’ve felt in a long time,” said Roy. “It was handwritten and much better than getting an email.”

The cards aren’t just lifting the spirits of workers. Managers say they get a boost, too.

Jayne Duewerth, Central Illinois District’s human resources manager, recently penned notes to members of her team.

“It made me feel good to acknowledge the efforts of my employees who are so busy every day,” she said.

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