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No room to grow

Landlords struggling with package boom

Woman brings package to door
In some buildings, staff members take packages to residents after they’ve been delivered to a front desk.

USPS plants and Post Offices aren’t the only places filling up with packages these days.

Apartment and condominium buildings are also overflowing with parcels as more tenants order merchandise online and have it shipped to their homes.

Landlords have dealt with the problem by growing the size of their storage rooms, but some see this approach as unsustainable.

“The real estate industry as a whole is struggling with how to deal with this issue,” Stephanie Rath, a Washington, DC, development executive, recently told the Bisnow business news site.

In some buildings, to keep storage space free, staff members now take packages to apartments after they’ve been delivered to a front desk. In other buildings, staffers move packages to parcel lockers and ask residents to retrieve them there.

One thing is certain: The rise in package deliveries isn’t going to end anytime soon.

“We are going to see more and more,” architect Walter Hughes told the Dallas Morning News. “It’s growing every month.”

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