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What’s in store

Landlords consider parcel perks to lure renters

Apartment dwellers are receiving more packages — and now they need places to store them.

Luxury apartment dwellers aren’t that excited about workout rooms, internet cafes and swimming pools anymore.

Instead, renters want facilities where they can store and retrieve packages, according to a new study by the University of Houston.

These services could prove attractive as more consumers skip malls and department stores to shop online and package deliveries to apartment buildings surge, the research notes.

In addition to package lockers, luxury high-rise apartment buildings could gain a competitive edge with prospective tenants by offering other amenities like internet-enabled smart appliances, pet facilities and building-specific mobile device apps, according to the findings.

“These are the amenities, we believe, have staying power,” Rico Buot, a graduate business student who helped conduct the research, told the Houston Chronicle.

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