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Hidden gems

Local program offers career opportunities

Woman holds diamond
Desnie Czipka, a Nevada-Sierra District complement coordinator, recently completed a 30-day assignment through the Diamonds in the Rough program.

Diamonds can be more than your best friend.

In Nevada-Sierra District, they also symbolize career potential.

The district, part of Western Area, recently launched Diamonds in the Rough, a career development program that allows employees to “detail” into other jobs for 30 days.

The program — whose name is a nod to Nevada’s mining history — seeks workers whose skills haven’t been discovered.

“It’s a chance to discover talent and for employees to test waters,” said District Manager Belinda Olson. “I came from a small Post Office and someone gave me a chance. I think we should do the same for any employee who wants an opportunity.”

The program’s first 10 participants were chosen after meeting several criteria, including completing eCareer profiles, submitting cover letters and delivering three-minute presentations to a selection panel.

Through the program, Desnie Czipka, a district complement coordinator, recently completed a 30-day assignment in a Reno plant.

“This is a good chance to … expand my horizons,” Czipka said. “This district is willing to take chances with people. They allow us to explore and see what’s a good match for both the Postal Service and me personally.”

The initiative is part of the Postal Service’s broader professional development efforts to encourage employees to expand their skills and abilities.

Another participant, Las Vegas City Carrier Assistant Jasmine Walker, said she looks forward to being placed wherever she is needed.

“I just want to learn,” Walker said. “Compared to all my other jobs before this one, the Postal Service offers real opportunities.”

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