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USPS launches learning initiative

Tablet device shows ContinYOUous Learning website
The ContinYOUous Learning initiative will highlight self-paced learning activities using a variety of resources.

The Postal Service is launching the ContinYOUous Learning initiative, which is designed to engage employees and allow them to view every experience as a learning opportunity.

The initiative will highlight self-paced learning activities using a variety of resources, including podcasts, articles, courses, books and activities. The initiative is part of the Postal Service’s broader effort to engage, equip and empower employees, one of the organization’s core business strategies.

“Through the ContinYOUous Learning initiative, Postal Service employees can take a holistic approach to their development,” said Learning and Development Director Susan McKeen. “We want to empower our employees by offering them choices in how, what, when and where they learn, as well as the pace, place and mode of delivery.”

To encourage employees’ professional development, the Career Development Blue page lists activities and resources that will be updated quarterly to support each individual’s continuous learning goals. These activities and resources include:

  • Individual development plans
  • Career conferences
  • Book clubs

A list of resources and activities to support the ContinYOUous Learning initiative in fiscal 2018’s second quarter is available on the Career Development Blue page.

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