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Businesses using Informed Delivery

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Harry Madorin of the American Association of Individual Investors reviews a publication with Sr. Sales Executive Michele Robinson, who helped the association develop its Informed Delivery campaign.

Business mailers are discovering the benefits of Informed Delivery.

The American Association of Individual Investors (AAII) is using the new feature with its monthly mailings, including one piece that was recently sent to more than 600,000 recipients.

“We are excited about Informed Delivery,” said Harry Madorin, the Chicago-based association’s senior vice president of operations.

Informed Delivery allows eligible residential consumers to receive digital previews of the letter-sized mailpieces that will soon arrive in their physical mailboxes.

AAII is adding colorful “ride-along images” to the scanned mailpiece images that appear in users’ Informed Delivery notifications. Recipients can click on this supplemental content to read the association’s publications and learn more about its services.

“For our publications, we hope to bring excitement about the upcoming issue, both with a cover tease and being able to link to online content. For our marketing efforts, the additional touch points will hopefully lead to more product purchases,” Madorin said.

AAII learned about the feature from Chicago District Sr. Sales Executive Michele Robinson, one of several USPS Sales employees across the nation who are helping businesses use Informed Delivery.

“I like to experiment with new technologies and was excited about Informed Delivery,” Robinson said.

Business customers can learn about how to create their own Informed Delivery campaigns by visiting

The Informed Delivery sites on Blue, LiteBlue and have more information for employees.

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