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Business customer expresses gratitude for USPS

“Nikki’s Story,” a new #PostalProud video.
“Nikki’s Story,” a new #PostalProud video, can be viewed on LiteBlue.

A new video shows what the Postal Service means to one small-business owner.

“Nikki’s Story” highlights Nikki Scott, a hair salon operator who relies on USPS to deliver and ship the beauty supplies she needs to run her business.

“It’s very important for us to get those deliveries,” Scott says. “My customers are relying on me and I’m relying on the Postal Service.”

The video is part of the latest #PostalProud campaign, which focuses on customers expressing their appreciation for employees’ work. “Nikki’s Story” also underscores the importance of employees who help USPS build loyalty among business customers.

You can watch the 1-minute, 28-second video on LiteBlue.

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