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Video highlights child’s reliance on USPS

#PostalProud video
“Liam’s Story,” a new #PostalProud video, can be viewed on LiteBlue.

A new video aims to show Postal Service employees why their work matters.

“Liam’s Story” highlights an eight-year-old boy with autism who looks forward to receiving packages of art supplies that his mom, Jeannie Falvey, regularly orders for him.

“Everything that we count on [for] his health and well-being … is being shipped to us,” Falvey says. “The one thing that we’re incredibly grateful for is the U.S. Postal Service.”

The video is part of the latest #PostalProud campaign, which focuses on customers expressing their appreciation for employees’ work.

You can watch the 1-minute, 45-second video on LiteBlue.

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