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Every job matters

Best practices: Emphasizing employees’ importance

Eastern Area Post Office Operations Manager Doyle Keith
Eastern Area Post Office Operations Manager Doyle Keith wants employees to feel invested in the organization.

Doyle Keith knows how to help employees feel like their jobs matter.

“Our mission is to serve the American public. Every employee, regardless of position, has a vital purpose in that service,” says Keith, Post Office operations manager in Eastern Area’s Kentuckiana District.

USPS leaders say this approach to managing can help the organization become more successful because it boosts workplace engagement. This produces a host of benefits, including stronger productivity and improved safety rates.

Keith has three tips for his fellow managers:

• Be positive. “People are willing to work harder and enjoy it more if they believe they’re making a positive difference,” he says.

• Seek feedback. Invite employees to offer their input — and listen to their suggestions before making decisions.

• Foster workplace pride. Encourage each employee to do his or her best. “Think about how your work not only speaks for the company, but for you as an individual,” he says.

Keith’s efforts have earned him significant recognition from USPS, including certified engaged team leader status and Kentuckiana District’s Engagement Leader of the Year Award.

When everyone feels like they’re contributing to the organization, they feel more invested in its success, Keith says.

“No matter the job, we need to recognize that we are all part of one organization and what we do affects many people.”

“Best practices,” a series on employees who demonstrate on-the-job excellence, appears regularly in Link.

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